The most important activity of the Society is the organization of the annual meeting (around mid October). Both international and national speakers are invited, contributed sessions are organized, and special attention is given to PhD-candidates. The Society also stimulates statistical sciences through communicating and sponsoring of statistical events organized in Belgium. Another mission of the Society is to help the general public to get better understanding of the place of statistics in the modern world. To this end, the Society organizes trainings on the visualization and the interpretation of data to people working in the media and secondary school teachers teaching statistics in the mathematics curriculum.

We are grateful to Statistics Belgium for the yearly financial support that enables us to organize these events.


The RSSB is sponsoring workshops and meetings taking place in Belgium that contribute to the development of statistical sciences and its applications in Belgium.



between 250 and 750 Euro covering all types of expenses that are necessary for the scientific event (travel and accommodation for invited speakers, renting conference rooms,…)


Condition to apply

  • a member of the organizing committee is RSSB-member
  • organizing an activity that is explicitly relevant for statistical sciences in Belgium


How to apply


Condition to receive the sponsorship

  • mention the RSSB (and its logo) explicitly in all communication (website, mails, posters, program) as being a sponsor of the event
  • a reduced registration fee for RSSB-members
  • send the pdf version of the program